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Dr.'s Tips


A lot of our patients, understandably, have questions about mattresses. Before going into much details, and before you go and buy any mattress, come SEE US FIRST because:

  1. A chiropractor's prescription for a mattress (any mattress) means you automatically don't have to pay the tax!
  2. And you can also write the whole thing off as a medical expense at the end of the year.

The mattresses I DON"T recommend: waterbeds, pillowtop or soft mattresses, Tempurepedic or Sleep Number. Why?

  1. Only about 50% of people are happy w Tempurepedic-type (memory foam) mattresses. You are stuck sleeping in a hole all night, most are said to be hot, and some people are allergic to latex. I have slept much better on a piece of 4" foam covered in cloth or vinyl (like a thick exercise mat) on top of a plywood board as you see when you go camping in screened cabins ("semi-roughing it"). Plain foam is much better because you are not stuck in the dip and is cooler,;but with memory foam, of course, they have the excuse to charge you $1000 for foam because it is "NASA technology".
  2. Never buy a water bed, and don't recommend pillow-top or soft mattresses. (You can always buy a firmer one and add a removeable pillow top but you can't remove the pillow top if already stitched in). The are generally way to soft. Call ahead when going to a hotel.
  3. Everyone who has tried to sleep on one knows how uncomfortable an air mattress is. The incredibly expensive SLEEP NUMBER mattress is a glorified air mattress. To date, patients who have bought one are sorry they did.
  4. So far, I still recommend to bypass all the way-overpriced stores like Mattress Firm and Gallery Furniture. I like Golden brand mattress; it is more affordable, made locally, the firm version has perfect amount of foam on it. Good coils, foam, jacquard stitching and warranty. Plus is one of -if not the only-- flippable mattresses left -- extending the life of the mattress (you have to ask for a flippable one though). In Houston, you can buy it directly at the factory, or at Southwest Mattress on Fondren, which is more centrally located. King Coil is also excellent, but they are in Dallas and apparently not available here.
  5. Don't believe the junk about needing a new mattress every 8 years. It may last 15. Especially if you buy a flippable one. You will know when it is time.I know people who just flip it every 6 months. But better if you can flip or spin it every 3. A good idea is to write "Jan" at head of one side and "April" at foot. Then of course "July" and "Oct" on other side. And the "double it's weight in sweat and dust mites" they advertise--that is simply ridiculous.